Write a few lines about the forest of arden in as you like it

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Arden, Warwickshire

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The complete text of As You Like It with monologue explanatory notes and study resources. directory: home: contact: welcome: you shall tell me where in the forest you live. Will you go? ORLANDO: With all my heart, good youth.

What is the part played by Forest of Arden in As You Like it ?

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What is the atmosphere of the Forest of Arden in As You Like It by William Shakespeare?

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When Charles compares Arden to the "golden world," he implies the Forest of Arden is like a paradise on earth for the exiled Duke Senior. (In Greek mythology, the "golden age" is the first "stage of man," when the world enjoyed peace, happiness, prosperity, and perfect weather.).

Flawed by uneven delivery, bizarre directorial choices, and utter lack of control, Shakespeare's funniest play becomes a distracting mess. Bryce Dallas Howard. Thorkell of Arden, a descendant of the ruling family of Mercia, was one of the few major English landowners who retained extensive properties after the Norman conquest, and his progeny, Shakespeare's play As You Like It is set in the Forest of Arden.

As You Like It Please see the bottom of the page for extensive explanatory notes and other helpful As You Like It resources.

Write a few lines about the forest of arden in as you like it
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