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Shakespeare's Macbeth - Appearance versus Reality - Quote Analysis Essay. Shakespeare's Macbeth - Appearance versus Reality - Quote Analysis Fair is foul, and foul is fair, a phrase that has become synonym with Macbeth.

It is also the introduction to one of the most important themes of this tragedy: appearance and reality. Macbeth (Book): Shakespeare, William: The legendary Pelican Shakespeare series features authoritative and meticulously researched texts paired with scholarship by renowned Shakespeareans.

Each book includes an essay on the theatrical world of Shakespeare's time, an introduction to the individual play, and a detailed note on the text used. From its mesmerising first moments to the final fulfilment of the witches' prophecy, Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's darkest and most powerful tragedies - a gripping account of one man's determination to secure his ambition and pronounced destiny, the crown of Scotland, by whatever means necessary.

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You can’t always trust what’s published online or even in print. Student’s essays on this play will be a little different from now on, won’t they?

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