I should write a song about you robyn

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In talking about Cyrus, Corgan also casually mentioned that Cyrus' people asked him to write a song for her, and he turned them down. He did, however, say that he'd consider writing with Cyrus if. Robyn sought out the electronic duo, comprised of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, and the result of their collaboration was the song ‘Who’s That Girl’.

Over buzzing, juddering synths and spurts of percussion, it is still Robyn’s voice which structures ‘Who’s That Girl’. Should have known is a 80's RnB song, while Be mine! is a 80's pop song, and so on and on. This is a eclectic album for eclectic minds. Lyrics are on point as well, ranging from silly towitty to serious.

Finally You Can Listen to Robyn’s ‘Honey’ Without Hearing Dialogue From Girls Robyn will release the album Honey on October one grand books Yesterday at p.m.

Robyn: Most of the time when you write music, it’s not like therapy, it’s like a way of reaching your unconsciousness.

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A lot of time I write about things that happen later in my life, so it.

I should write a song about you robyn
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